Driveway sealing

Driveways are subject to the environmental elements, shifting ground, as well as the repeated wear and tear of your vehicle in the same spots over and over. They have the tendency to crack and get beat up looking over time, no matter what you do.


If you are not ready to fully replace your driveway, or if you feel it could use a little repair and maintenance but is still in decent shape overall, Regal Hydro Cleaning has a solution for you. We are professionals and are proud of our ability to provide property owners with attractive and budget friendly solutions for driveway sealing services.


We take on a 2 day process in our driveway sealing projects. The first day we will fully clean and remove loose asphalt and gravel leaving it to fully dry overnight. The second step will be to apply the sealant which finishes the job. We do not rush jobs or cut corners, so you can rest assured you will get a good result when you hire Regal.  


We believe that when a high quality sealant is applied to a driveway that is beginning to deteriorate, it can go a long way towards providing a new refreshed look to your property. It will also protect the surface from further weathering, extending the life of the driveway you already have, when it’s too soon to replace.


Contact us online, or give us a call to come and take a look at your driveway and provide you with a quote for sealing services. You will be happy you did and so will we.