House & Building Washing

Here at Regal, we have technology and solutions available to us that are best for exterior house and building washing. Using what is called a “soft wash system” as well as an environmentally safe and fully biodegradable solution, we can clean any house or building without risking damage to the surface. Soft wash systems use a low pressure pump which is what makes it safe to use on any surface. 


Soft washing is very different from power washing. We know that high pressure power washing is what most people think of as a solution to get at those hard to clean places on buildings, but it would not be appropriate in most cases and will often do more harm than good. We specialize in being able to look at your property, assess, and take the approach that will actually work for each building, and the specific exterior elements that are there. 


Our cleaning agents are safe but also highly effective in removing mold, mildew, grime and stains for your building exterior. We are also able to clean various different types of siding as well as roof systems. Fill out our form or give us a call to obtain a quote for soft washing services at your home or business.