Industrial Cleaning

Regal Hydro Cleaning is pleased to offer heavy duty industrial cleaning for manufacturing plants, warehouses, mines, factories and a variety of other commercial enterprises that require these specialized cleaning services. We pride ourselves in taking all safety precautions seriously, as this is a critically important step when undertaking industrial cleaning jobs. 


The industrial cleaning services we offer at Regal, include power washing with hot water and chemicals which are chosen specifically based on the surface and mess being cleaned. We also offer a variety of steam cleaning services to suit many different applications and surfaces. 


All of the industrial cleaning services that Regal Hydro Cleaning does, can be offered as daily maintenance jobs, bi-weekly or monthly clean ups and also shutdown support jobs, as well.


As you probably know, some of the more intensive cleaning jobs are only required periodically; such as wash pad support, spill clean ups and tank cleaning. For these jobs, we’d love to be your go-to point of contact. Safety is at top of mind as we complete these tasks expertly and diligently. We follow all of the necessary safety precautions. We also are able to provide heavy duty floor cleaning, stripping, refinishing and sealing services to our clients, as needed.


With the fluctuating weather that we face here in Saskatchewan, you may find yourself in need of ice melting and line thawing at your place of business, warehouse or industrial plant. As we have mentioned, safety is key, especially when providing ice melting services. We have experts available to tackle this issue safely and with precise tools so as not to cause any damage to the frozen components in your business. Errors due to carelessness can be expensive, so don’t trust just anyone for the job; put your trust in Regal Hydro Cleaning!


Get in touch with us today, to discuss the commercial cleaning jobs that you need done. We are happy to provide an estimate for any services you need.