Window & Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning glass is tricky. Have you ever cleaned a window and it looked sparkling for a few minutes, but once it fully dried there were streaks, water spots and little flecks of grime that you somehow missed? We have all been there, and this is super frustrating. 


Regal Hydro Cleaning staff will take the stress of cleaning both windows and solar panels off your hands. We have the proper tools and technology to get jobs like this done quickly and efficiently. 


Without leaving streaks or water spots on your windows or solar panels, we clean by using a specialized water purification system to make sure glass surfaces are clear and sparkling, when we are done. Purified water is also a completely chemical-free environmentally friendly solution to cleaning, that will ensure your windows and solar panels will not suffer from any chemical deterioration during the cleaning process.  We use long reaching water poles to get to all the hardest to reach windows with skill and precision. 


Solar panels are expensive and we believe that they should be cleaned with the utmost care. We never use soaps or other cleaning agents as they will leave a residue behind and encourage dirt to build up quickly again after cleaning. We commit to taking this cautious approach for solar panels and windows, without compromising the quality of the cleaning. 


Give us a call today, to discuss purified water cleaning for windows and solar panels with the experts at Regal Hydro Cleaning. We will show you how we can go above and beyond.