Power Washing

When you contact Regal Hydro Cleaning for exterior power washing, you are making a great choice in services. Using the appropriate pressure, as not to cause any damage to surfaces, we are able to clean unsightly grime from the outside of your property or business. 


Also commonly called "pressure washing", power washing is an easy way to transform your building or home. A clean and spotless business is more welcoming and attractive to clients which adds value to you as a business owner. If you are looking to sell your home, or just want to maintain it for your own use, this service will undoubtedly restore that luster lost over time, adding value and curb appeal to the property.  


We are able to power wash many types of surfaces safely, and always use the right biodegradable solution which is safe for the environment. We clean driveways, parking lots, fences, decks, patios, stairwells, chimneys, windows and more. Some exterior surfaces on the building can be power washed as well, but not all! So give us a call before testing it out yourself, to make sure. 


Our team uses the proper pressure to make sure that this job is done with precision. If you have ever used a power washer before, you will know that there is a trick to make sure that you are not applying too much pressure to peel away at paint or other applications that may be present on the surfaces. Get in touch with Regal Hydro Cleaning today, as we would be happy to power wash any unsightly messes around your property or business.